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Madeline - White Flag

Format: CD/LP/download
Catalog # OTR034
Release Date: March 10, 2009

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Track Listing:

1. Sorry
2. Telephone Daydream
3. Lit Elephants
4. This Train
5. Shotgun Wedding

6. Jive Talking
7. White Flag
8. Rain Fire and Brimstone
9. Belly of the Beast
10. You Can't Break My Heart
11. Dirty South (Tie One On)
12. Mountain Heart
13. Black Out


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Athens, GA native Madeline Adams has been writing and performing her own songs since the age of 15, self-releasing her first album, "Kissing & Dancing," in 2002 -- just two years into her career. A few short months later, the LP was picked up by punk label Plan-It-X Records. "Kissing & Dancing" is now in its fifth pressing, and has earned her national recognition and a solid fan base. Madeline recorded one more album for the label, before moving on to Athens label Orange Twin, who have released works most notably by Sibylle Baier, Elf Power, Neutral Milk Hotel and Vic Chesnutt. Her 2006 Orange Twin release, "The Slow Bang," was produced by Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent), and recorded at his house in Athens. Though described in the past as a cross between The Softies, Kimya Dawson, and The Carter Family, Madeline now shares more in common with '70's superstars Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter. On her third full-length album, "White Flag," Madeline securely sets herself apart from her peers through her intelligent, emotional lyrics, her clear, haunting voice, and her unique song writing.

Produced and recorded by Jason Robira (The Ginger Envelope) at The Bakery in Athens, GA, as well as by Asa Leffer (Dark Meat, The Whigs) at DARC, "White Flag" represents three years of hard work and musical growth for Madeline and her band of backing musicians. Madeline herself has been traversing the country both with The White Flag Band (made up of members of The Music Tapes, Don Chambers + Goat and Elf Power) as well as solo, strengthening her already solid fan base. She plans to continue this spring with much anticipated European and North American tours. While making "White Flag," Adams enlisted the help of a multitude of talented Athens-based musicians to perform as special guests. These included Claire and Page Campbell (Hope For Agoldensummer) on backing vocals, Matt Stoessel (South San Gabriel) on pedal steel, and Elephant 6 mainstay John Fernandes (Olivia Tremor Control) performing on violin.


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