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Major Organ and the Adding Machine

Format: DVD
Catalog # OTR035
Release Date: TBD
Wholesale Distro by: NAIL / CARGO / IODA (digital)

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When Mr. Eric Harris is asked to explain the Major:

Where to begin? You see, I never met The Major in person myself. I was away when it all started, on one of those frequent rock music tours back in 1997, ten years ago now. Also I never lived in Denver, where The Major was first "encountered". By the time I heard about it everything was already happening. The filming was in the planning stages and two or three of The Major's songs were recorded. Would I like to help? Sure, who did you say this Major guy was? I'll call Joey, he can help with the special effects, I think he's got an Amiga. A kid's movie? Really?

I'm glad I didn't get my way and start filming on Super8. Instead we started with Betamax. Then moved on to 8mm, then to High-8, then... some obsolete digital format, who can remember? We had bad luck with moisture, some of the tapes drowned or were lost in the format battles. "Instructions" would arrive sporadically via postcard from The Major. We had lots of ideas, interpretations if you will, and back in those days it seemed perfectly reasonable to film them all and make sense of it later. Of course not all of the Major's ideas were plausible, in fact most of them were unrelated to any sane conception of reality, and a few were downright illegal. This was before CGI was available to the working classes you know, so you had to actually do shit. I remember the pirate ship set was a little pathetic. Tape got moist anyway, so forget it. Same with the rented furniture in the public toilets. Didn't really look like a spaceship like The Major said it would. That tape got especially moist.

Years flew by. We were all so busy with music and to be honest we were getting discouraged. We had dozens of video tapes, some of which were moist. Hundreds of hours of video. Nothing to edit it on until much later. Athens is a transient town, our actors kept moving away. How to explain? Somehow the answer always seemed to be JUST KEEP FILMING. By the turn of the century we didn't have much of a movie but we did have a huge pile of footage, some on formats that we could no longer play because the damn Betamax broke down or because of the incessant mildew. But we had lots of songs recorded....

So it became an album, and the film was scrapped. We hadn't got a postcard for a year or two anyway, so what was the point? Was there ever a point? Nope. People seemed to like the album so, we mused, at least something good came out of it. Pitchfork absolutely hated it so we knew we'd done something right. Everyone moved on.

Then one day I saw it - the plot. I mean the plot of the movie. It was there all along, in all of The Major's disjointed scenes and in the bizarre lyrics, waiting to be threaded together. Genius! I won't go so far as to say it made sense, but it suddenly made un-nonsense. And that's always been more than enough for me. I called the team back together, those who were left. I found our stars - Kirin and Sophie Fernandes - who weren't even born when it all started. Perfect. Too perfect.

We're going to finish the movie. We have the technology now. We have the fucking thing finished if you look at it kind of squinty. And the worst draught in the history of the South. Moisture problem solved.

Ladies and Gents, coming in Fall of 2009, we give you "MAJOR ORGAN AND THE ADDING MACHINE". A movie to ponder over. With your children.

-E. Harris

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