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The Late B.P. Helium

Format: CD EP
Catalog # OTR014
Release Date: May 6, 2003
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the late b.p. helium lets it fly... Track Listing:

1. The Weeping Soul
2. Cuban Sunrise (the lost side of sour)
3. Song For Marie
4. I Won't Break (To You)
5. Don't Let Me Wait Too Long

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Kumquat Mae sampler


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Of Montreal guitar player, Bryan Poole recorded his own psychedelic pop songs and his songs sound amazing! In his five song E.P. entitled Kumquat Mae. The Late B.P. Helium has emerged a skillful songwriter as Kumquat Mae is jaunty…comparable to the Kinks, Village Green Preservation Society. Overall, references can also be drawn to the vocal styling of Robyn Hitchcock. "I Won't Break" floats in sadness, and is woven with intimate cello lines… more like Pink Floyd. The lyrics are reminiscent of the Beatles with radio hits like "Don't Let Me Wait Too Long".

With a variety players moving in and out of the lineup, The Late B.P. Helium, operates like a jazz combo at times. This is intentional. Bringing different multi-instrumentalists together where players can move from instrument to instrument to help create a broader palette for the songs. B.P. has said, "I'd love to be in a band with all drummers!"

On this E.P., B.P. has enlisted the talents of Ben Crum from the Great Lakes, Jason NeSmith (aka Casper Fandango) and Eric Harris (former stickman for the Olivia Tremor Control) to supply the nucleus. "These guys had never played together before and that brought a bit of creative excitement to the sessions," says B.P. NeSmith manned the controls for the sessions that were recorded at Of Montreal's in-house studio, Hat Hare, as well at NeSmith's own Bel Air Studio.

And this E.P. is just a taste of what is served up on The Late B.P. Helium's full length release "Amok" also on Orange Twin!


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