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The Monday Night Recorders
with Jack Logan -
Nature's Assembly Line

Format: CD
Catalog # OTR021
Release Date: February 1, 2005
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Track Listing:

1. I Recognize You
2. Dad's Suitcase
3. Don't Remember Where It Is
4. Come Away
5. Out Of Place
6. Feels Better In Here
7. The Race Is Running
8. Cauliflower Ears


9. Brothers Grimm And The Cowboy Band
10. River Of Sweat
11. Little Fool
12. Associate
13. Broken Machines
14. Diggin' It
15. Spotty Glassware

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I Recognize You
Dad's Suitcase

Jack Logan
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Nature's Assembly Line, a collection of 15 songs by Jack Logan and The Monday Night Recorders, is Logan's first album in over 5 years. The album was recorded in Athens, Georgia over the course of 2003 by Logan and a revolving cast of some of the best musicians in town including Kevin Lane (The Possiblities), Rob Veal (Dashboard Saviors), Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers), William Tonks and John Neff (Barbara Cue), Aaron Phillips (Liquor Cabinet) and more. Calling themselves the Monday Night Recorders, the group got together every Monday night at various houses with the goal of writing and recording 3 new songs. Each night after the songs were mixed down, the original tracks were erased. At the end of the year, 94 songs were completed, which the band whittled down to the 15 songs that comprise Nature's Assembly Line. The songs run the gamut from quiet acoustic to cacophonous rockers to middle-eastern flavored psychedelic meanderings.

Jack Logan made his mark in 1994 with the release of his 42 song masterpiece Bulk. The album garnered amazing press in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Interview, The Washington Post, Musician Magazine, and more, and led to appearances on NPR, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, The Today Show and Space Ghost Coast To Coast. Logan went on to release several more records and toured America and Europe several times to much acclaim.

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