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The Instruments - Cast A Half Shadow

Format: CD
Catalog #: OTR023
Release Date: May 9, 2006
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Track Listing:

1. Show To Begin
2. For Travelers
3. Seems So Far
4. Our Lovely Ladder
5. Branches For Many Birds


6. Through The Air
7. Amongst The Trees
8. Response
9. Lantern
10. My Friend


left to right: Hannah Jones, John Fernandes, Heather McIntosh,
Will Hart, Peter Erchick and Derek Almstead
Photo by Nick Cervini
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Cast A Half Shadow is the long-awaited second recording by The Instruments. This record evokes a tone that is both lush and atmospheric, with delicately orchestrated folk melodies. Refining her sense of arrangement and use of ambience, Heather McIntosh, the band's songwriter, along with fellow members of The Instruments, has developed a sophisticated song cycle with her sophomore record.

McIntosh has been a staple of the Athens music scene for the past decade. She is a classically trained cellist and earned her bachelor's degree in music from the University of Georgia. She is currently a member of the Athens' bands Circulatory System, Elf Power and Japancakes and has also played or recorded with bands such as Superchunk, Of Montreal, Lil Wayne, and Gnarles Barkley.

The players on Cast A Half Shadow are:
Heather McIntosh - voice, cello, acoustic guitar and keyboards
Peter Erchick - keyboards and vocal harmonies
W. Cullen Hart - percussion and vocal harmonies
Hannah Jones - percussion and voice
Derek Almstead - electric guitar
John Fernandes - clarinet and bass clarinet
Sallie Lupis - double bass
Jeff Mangum - vocal harmonies
Eric Harris - trap kit and accordioline
Doug Owens - oboe
Scott Spillane - mellophone and sousaphone

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All Photos by Nick Cervini


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