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The Good Ship

Format: CD
Catalog # OTR012
Release Date: February 4, 2003
Wholesale Distro by:
NAIL / CARGO / IODA (digital)

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Track Listing:

1. Sunrise Estates
2. The Maco Light
3. The Eggleston Guide
4. Greetings
5. From The Old Oak Inn
6. Orioles


7. The Sentinel
8. Dream #4 (Rob Tyner)
9. Chestnut St. Blues
10. Onionhead
11. Birthday Suit
12. Sugarcane

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The Eggleston Guide
Sunrise Estates

Suppose J.D. Salinger and Arthur Lee and the local village idiot formed a band. Direct from our front porch to yours... the sound of The Good Ship.

An ensemble from Athens, Georgia, the Good Ship is composed of two librarians, a drifter/carpenter, a high school science teacher, a child prodigy and various friends & lovers. Their music is a mesmerizing array of poignant, timeless acoustic/electric anthems. Led by songwriter Robert Lomax, The Good Ship evokes a rare intimacy with its audience. Varied instrumentation and a keen sense of subtlety brings a dynamic that leaves one unavoidably thinking of the sea.

The band has opened for the B52's, Vic Chesnutt, Elf Power and Crooked Fingers.

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