January 2003

The Late B.P. Helium
"Kumquat Mae"

A five-track EP on Orange Twin Records from sometime Great Laker Bryan Poole a.k.a. The Late B.P. Helium. The Weeping Soul is a lipsmacking mash of frothy melodies and darker lyrics, propelled by great chunks of piano bashing, horns and handclaps. It’s a well-read pop song, with a fantastic fuselage of brilliant ideas holding it together. Cuban Sunrise (The Lost Side of Dawn) is a salsified instrumental while Song for Marie is a smorgasbord of sound: bells, banjo, pedal steel and strings accompany a sweet-natured vocal. I Won’t Break to You is the EP’s epic: slow and wistful, with immense string sounds delivering a long and mournful train whistle of a song. The whole is rounded off with a cover of George Harrison’s Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long. We wait so long for intelligent pop to come calling and then you’re inundated by great records and bands but don’t let this one slip away.

Review by Ged M