Sept. 16, 2004


THE LATE BP HELIUM We must say that we're a touch, um, weary when it comes to Of Montreal, Elf Power and the entire now-fragmented Elephant 6 scene. What was once an inspired storm of psychedelic creativity has bumbled its way into being a navel-gazing coven of semi-fey dorkiness. Bassist Bryan Poole – who played with both Of Montreal and Elf Power – is but one of many cross-band collectivists to emerge from E6's Athens nucleus, but when it comes to his own project, The Late BP Helium – we must say that we're almost ready to take back all the horrible things we said about our ruined expectations. Reverting to the wide-eyed pop mysticism that made early E6 endeavors so interesting, Poole/BP Helium is willing to try anything on his records. Though drenched in sugary pop, Poole summons up a multitude of sonic ideas and, most importantly, is unafraid to rock when necessary. (with Of Montreal, Sugar Oaks; 9 p.m. at Will's Pub, 407-898-5070; $8)