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The Late B.P. Helium - Amok

Format: CD
Catalog # OTR020
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2004
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Track Listing:

1. Belief System Derailment Scenario
2. Bluebeard
3. Ballad of Johnny Rad
4. RabbitĂ­s Ear
5. They Broke the Speed of Light
6. EmperorĂ­s Drone


7. Candy for Everyone
8. Curse of the Trial
9. I Tried to Make it with You
10. Reminder to Self
11. Raisa Raisa


Bryan Poole
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Photo By: Sean McDevitt

The Late BP Helium is the alter ego of Bryan Poole, who has spent the last eight years playing bass with bands like Great Lakes, Elf Power, and Of Montreal. With the release of his first solo album, "Amok," BP strikes out on his own. "Amok" is all over the map; an intoxicating blend of 1970's styled rockers, avant garde jams, and straight up poppy goodness. The album kicks off with "Belief System Derailment Scenario", a jagged, spastic horn-fueled attack, perhaps the album's weirdest and most sonically interesting track. "Bluebeard" comes next, a poppy, Kinks inspired track filled with melody and charm. The album just gets more diverse from there, with funky sing alongs ("Candy for Everyone"), extended Kraut rock jams ("They Broke the Speed of Light"), and ending with a ripping post punk rocker that includes a baroque, orchestral interlude("Raisa Raisa").

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Photo by Lauren Gregg

Photo by BP


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